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The Limited Edition GTX-L-60

Two-Seater Adult Electric Mobility Scooter

Designed for both On and Off road with one or two persons!

No license or registration required.

The GTX-Limited- 60 Electric Mobility Scooter is a high-quality, fast, long-range mobility scooter. Everything on this scooter is built tough!

This is NOT your typical Mobility scooter!

This is a fast and powerful scooter that is capable of reaching up to 20 m/h. Of course you can set the speed to your comfort level! (between 0 and 20 m/h)


The main difference betwen the GTX-Limited and the GTX-Limited-60 electric scooters is that the GTX-Limited-60 is capable of carrying two persons, and has 60V system instead of the 48V (with more power).


Why is this Electric Scooter  a better investment than the other electric scooters on the market?

1/ This mobility scooter is a 3 wheel, high-power mobility scooter using a transaxle brushless electric motor for best performance.

2/ The scooter has the following features:

3/  Instrument panel showing the speed, charge, lights, turn signals etc…

4/ The scooter has a large, rear basket for shopping etc…

5/ Easy access to the battery charging terminals. The charger comes with the scooter.

6/ Adjustable backrest and armrest for added comfort.

7/  The seat moves back and forth to ensure enough legroom for everybody.

8/ Large compartment underneath the foldable seat. Just to make sure your belongings have a safe place to travel with you. It is lockable.

9/ The comfortable, wide foot rest designed for a perfect ride.

10/ The large front compartment.

11/ The large wheels and the adequate ground clearance makes you able to ride your scooter on any type of surfaces.

12/  Front shock absorbers provide you with a smooth ride. Also the high-efficiency front drum brake ensures great stopping power.

13/  High capacity lights makes your ride safe at night.

14/  Comfortable grip on the handlebar helps you use your scooter without any fatigue in your hands. The large brake arms are also great features of this quality scooter. The E-ABS brake assistant system, with  brake and reverse switch provides the safety standards that you can rely on.

15/  Large mirrors provide you with a safe view in the back.

16/ All Season Use:  you are glad to know that you can enjoy your scooter all year around. The electronics are sealed, so rain or snow will not matter at all.

17/ Warranty: it gives you a peace of mind that your scooter comes with the three years warranty.

18/ Convenient Shipping. We deliver your electric scooter  to your door and not to a freight station. (supposed the truck can access your home)

Take the Risk out of your Online Purchase!

Your product comes with the factory warranty, plus you have access to the National Repair Company (NRC) to provide you with exceptional home repair services in the continental US. (www.NationalRepairCompany.com)




(Regular price $3,899.00 + $150.00 S&H (with lead-acid battery)

Order Yours Now for Only $2,649.00 (you save $1,400.00) and receive Free Shipping Today and a full Three Year Warranty!

In Stock: 3

Available Colors: Red, Blue

Your Purchasing Options:

Electric Scooter with Lead-acid battery: $2,649.00

Electric Scooter  with Lithium battery: $2,974.50 (gives you a three times longer lifetime!)

Optional PowerBooster to get the 1700Watts: $289.50

Optional Extra  extended warranty: $75.00

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