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Automatic Golden Electric Cigarette Roller Machine

To make 5 or 10 cigarettes at a time!

This electric cigarette roller is a huge, 22″ long machine unlike the average ones with the 5-6″ length!

1. Tubes Magazine (for 10 cigarettes at a time)

2. Back carriage opening. Keep 4.5 inch (11 cm) clearance for carriage movement.

3. Tobacco hopper (load ONLY recommended tobacco).

4. Discharge chute for cigarette (to be installed.)

5. Compaction level control for cigarette density.

6. LED display for turning power on.

7. Pause/Continue cycle button.

8. Start/Stop/Return cycle button.

9. Drawer for recycling excess tobacco (which can be reused).

Due to the extremely high demand for these new and revolutionary cigarette machines, we fulfill orders in the order in which they are received. Maximum two units per households please!
It requires only your regular 110V power outlet
It will be retailed for  $449.95 + $18.50 S&H
Get Yours Today for Only $249
Now That’s a $218.50 Savings!!!